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We are html authors, never resorting to web builder software. This give you a distinct advantage - even at this price.

A Local, Canadian Business

Located in Cornwall, Ontario, we service Ottawa, Brockville, Kingston and all of Eastern Ontario. Our web-hosting data-center is located in Toronto, so we are an ALL CANADIAN business!


Low Cost Websites

Because you don't need to spend a lot for a professional website

We are a Cornwall web design firm, serving all of Eastern Ontario. With over 10 years experience, we have found a perfect balance between cheap, generated pages, and high-priced, authored websites. ValueWeb gives you an AUTHORED webpage for the price of a generated one. This means you benefit from more traffic, better search results, more customization and a faster website - all for a very affordable, one-time price.

Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable and Experienced.

With over ten years experience, we've seen the advent of the mobile web and quickly learned to develop responsive (mobile-friendly) websites. We don't rely on web-builder software, but work with the code that results in amazing websites, which gives your website a lot of advantages.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.To Provide Web Presence at an affordable price.

Each website we develop has features that will boost you to the top of the search results - meaning that your customers will find you and spend their money with you. We want you to love your website and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

By providing professional results at low prices, we help you keep your money in your own pocket. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars, when we can develop your website for a much lower price, while giving you fun and user-friendly features.

Lines of Code
KBs of HTML Files
Hours of Coding

What You Get

What kind of website will $350 buy?
What kind of website do I get?
We will develop a custom, single-page website with many useful features which we are listing below. (See Feature-Rich section) Remember, the main benefit is that this is an 'authored' site, meaning we work with raw HTML and other code languages. This means your website will be faster, more search engine friendly, user-friendly, etc. than if it were merely generated by web builder software. The ValueWeb website you are on now is built the way yours will be.
Built-In SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
There are certain aspects of web page development that will cause the web page to rank well in searches. Aspects such as load time, efficient and clean coding, limited use of off-page resources and other behind-the-scene elements that we will take care of. The result is a website that will be found, which is the whole point of having a website in the first place.
Our ValueWeb websites are packed with many advanced features. Scrolling photos are the first thing your visitors will see, followed by a description of your products or services, a section about you, photos or samples of your work, a list of services you provide, pricing, testimonials and a nice contact form. We can customize these features, eliminating or expanding as required, and using colors that match your company stationery and logos.
What about Domains and Hosting?
ValueWeb pricing is for the development of your website. If you need a domain and/or web hosting, we can provide these as well, at a competitive additional yearly cost. Our data-center is located in Toronto, Canada, to ensure maximum speed and reliability, yet is affordable. If we build your website, we will offer a ValueWeb discount on web hosting, which also includes basic email.
May I view a Sample Website?
You're looking at one now. Yes, our own ValueWeb website is a single-page, parallax and responsive design based on our customer template. Your website will be laid out in a similar fashion, but with your text, images, color scheme and other elements.


Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a Website if I have a Facebook Page?
Yes. First of all, although there are billions of people using Facebook, only a very small number of local visitors might see your posts. Personally, if I am looking for any product or service, I Google it. A website is more professional and speaks only about your business, without the distractions found on Facebook pages. Finally, there are a lot of people who don't even use Facebook, and they will never find you without a website.
Can I use an SEO plugin?
ValueWeb websites have the SEO features built in. This is much more effective than trying to do it with some plug-in, or other aftermarket methods. ValueWeb code provides all of the SEO you need, built in from the start and able to be tweaked when neccessary.
My friend (cousin, etc.) wants to build me a WordPress site.
WordPress is not a professional choice, as it was originally designed for do-it-yourself bloggers. Most of the plug-ins are created by hobbyists, which results in major security issues. WordPress web pages rely on the WordPress platform in order to function. Lastly, bloated code causes most WordPress websites to load slowly, resulting in poor SEO. It is only popular because it is easy to create pages, not because it provides good results.
What about WIX?
No matter whose website builder software you choose, it's still a generated site, using lots of unnecessary code. ValueWeb sites are authored, with streamlined code and professional practices, to ensure they will function fast and properly. By the way, WIX 'owns' all of their customers' sites, and they must be hosted with WIX. Many other 'free' web builders have hidden costs that can add up.

Our Designs

Some of the awesome websites we've built.
Open Imagination

Positively Marlene

Open Imagination

Business Seekers

Open Imagination

Explore Morrisburg

Open Imagination


Advantages to using ValueWeb:

Search Results
User Friendliness

"Websites are usually generated. Ours are hand-crafted."


Why choose ValueWeb

Responsive Websites

Your website will display properly to your customers no matter what screen size they may be using.

Retina Ready Graphics

Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on Retina Displays with Retina Icons, Fonts & Images.

Powerful Performance

Optimized code that brings your website up in searches, while providing unmatched fast performance.

Fast Development Time

In many cases, we can complete your website in as little as two weeks, providing your content is ready.

Parallax Support

Your website will display attractively using Parallax Sections that we will customize for you.

Many Possibilities

We are able to customize each website to match your designs, logo, color scheme and more.


Other Affordable Services You Might Need

Web Hosting

Don't trust your website to an off-shore data center. We host websites from Toronto, Canada.


If you don't already have a domain name, we can get one for you, and point it to your website.

Additional Features

If you need features not provided in the $350 ValueWeb Package, we can upgrade you.


One Simple Plan


Our Only Plan
  • One Time Fee
  • Customized Parallax & Responsive Website
  • NOT Generated by Web Builder Software
  • HTML5 Coded
  • Affordable Maintenance

What Clients say?

Our Clients love what we do!

An awesome job considering the low price. I would recommend Value Web to anyone!

Marlene Baker Positively Marlene

Thanks to ValueWeb, Explore Morrisburg is ranking high in Google and I'm getting plenty of visitors!

Scott Manson Explore Morrisburg

I found Value Web to be fantastic at communicating and caring about my requirements for a web presence.

Jordan Smythe The Loan Arranger

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